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Monthly archive for December 2014

How to render lard in a crock pot

by Heather of After being wrongly accused . . . For generations, lard is finally making a comeback as a healthy, traditional fat. If you’ve put off rendering your own because you worried it would take oodles of time, I have good news. It’s actually very easy, and

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Saving Mangalica: How the rare ‘sheep-pig’ was rescued

Source: BBC News14 November 2014 Last updated at 00:18 GMT In eastern Hungary there is an increasingly common sight – a field of pigs with snouts and trotters but also curly, woolly fleeces. To the uninitiated it is a sheep-pig. In reality it is the Mangalica, a comical

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Furry Hungarian hog promises to take pork lovers to ‘pig heaven’

Source: Detroit Metro Times Posted By Jane Slaughter on Mon, Nov 3, 2014 at 5:11 PM Imagine lard whipped till it’s fluffy, with a sprinkle of cracklings mixed in. Then imagine a furry Hungarian pig, bred to produce more such ambrosial fat than any other porker in

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Pig Must Have (Translated)

Text by Nina Kaltenbrunner · Photos by Philipp Horak Pork has a long tradition in our food culture. Although today the per capita consumption in Austria with almost 70 percent is much higher than that of beef or other meats, the pork in this country has no particularly

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Four Star New York City Restaurant serves up Mangalitsa!

Doesn’t this look delicious? Mangalitsa pork loin, aged three-weeks, with grilled abalone. Read More.

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10 Reasons You Should Be Cooking With Lard

The Huffington Post by Julie R. Thomson In a not so distant past (about a century ago) and in a not so foreign land (like, in America), lard was the fat that people cooked with. It wasn’t butter. Nor canola oil. And definitely not extra virgin olive oil. Lard

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Blonde Mangalitsa Live with Kelly and Michael

This is great PR for the Mangalitsa Pig. Click here to watch all the great things Michael has heard about the Mangalitsa.

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Michigan farmers raise furry, Hungarian Mangalitsa pigs to produce the ‘Kobe beef’ of pork

(Source: WILLIAMSTOWN TWP. — They’re furry, they’re fatty, and apparently delicious. After nearly facing extinction, the Mangalitsa pig is making a comeback in Europe and the United States thanks to the work of Michigan farmers like Wilhelm Kohl, who was among the first to import the pig to

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“The nicest cooking fat I’ve ever encountered is Mangalitsa lard” says Ruth Reichl, food writer

Even for an ex-restaurant critic, Ruth Reichl has a surprisingly full plate. While serving as editorial advisor at Gilt Taste, consulting on food and wine selections and stories for the new food site from Gilt Groupe, she’s also an editor at large at Random House, and has

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