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Monthly archive for December 2014

The noble swine of Austria comes to America

Source: live2eat Grand Blanc, MI Newspaper food writer/dining columnist for 22 years TRAVERSE CITY — The ultimate Spanish ham comes from the prized Iberico pig. Only recently imported to America, it sells for $30 a pound. The best Italian proscuitto ham comes from Parma in Emilia-Romagna, Italy.

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The Gastronomic Bucket List: Ten Foods to Eat Before You Bite the Big One

By Bill Citara Mon., Aug. 29 2011, New Times Blogs Mangalitsa Pork. What Kobe is to beef, the meat of this once-almost extinct Hungarian porker is to “the other white meat.” It’s just beginning to be available in this country, but its deep, rich porky flavor and clean-tasting fat

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Culinary World High on this Hog

Chefs call the mighty Mangalitsa pig “the Wagyu beef” of pork, a fine swine that’s valued as much for its silky lard as it is for its rich meat. Once a culinary oddity, a rotund and woolly creature that almost looks like a couch-potato version of a

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Betting on the Next ‘It’ Pig

ONCE upon a time, there were three little pigs — a Duroc hybrid, a Berkshire and an Ibérico — that merrily settled in the great American house of pork. The pigs binge on acorns. “I shall mature rapidly and produce large litters and be the dominant commodity

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