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Monthly archive for February 2015

Emerging: melocco Anna – I spent 5-6 years have been among the hams! (translated)

Source: Why do you feel the need to create the mangalicákról movie? Mainly because in my experience people know almost nothing about these animals. You can hear the mangalicákról more and more, but in people’s minds but rather only a vague picture loom, I wanted to

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Tony Incontro Treats His Charcuterie Like His Children

Source: Tony Incontro’s infatuation with salumi started around age eight, when he’d help his Calabrian grandfather clean casings and butcher pork shoulder in the garage for a holiday sausage dish. It’s no wonder he now serves as head salumist/sous chef of Del Dotto Winery in St.

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This Mama Pig Was On The Brink Of Death — Until Her Own Piglets Saved Her (VIDEO)

Source: Huffington Post When Emma the pig arrived at Apricot Lane Farms in California, she was already in rough shape. The sow was sick and underweight — and very pregnant. Farm owner John Chester was told that Emma would be lucky if she had six piglets, but

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