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Monthly archive for March 2015

Raised with Respect

Source: FSR Magazine SUSTAINABILITY // DANIEL P. SMITH // FEBRUARY 2015 In his formative years as a chef, Conor Hanlon didn’t think too much beyond the kitchen. “I was much more concerned about keeping my head above water than about where we were sourcing ingredients,” Chef Hanlon

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Pork Belly, Hungarian-style

Source: The Earthy Delights Blog The food world, like everything else, has its fads & fashions. Pork Belly may not the be the darling of star chefs that it was a year or two ago, but it’s always been a mainstay of rich, hearty ethnic cuisines. Pork

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The Magic of Mangalitsa Pork

Source: CAROLYN BANFALVI, It tastes like beef and has more delicious fat than almost any other kind of pig. So why have so few American foodies tried Mangalitsa? It was Michael Clampffer’s first trip to Europe, and for five days he ate and talked about almost nothing

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