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Monthly archive for April 2015

LA Chefs’ Suppliers – Winkler Wooly Pigs Farm

Source: WInkler Wooly Pigs Farm in Windsor, California, with the recent arrival of Red Mangalitsa pigs from Hungary via the Netherlands, now has three distinct breeds of Mangalitsa: Red Mangalitsa, Blonde Mangalitsa, and Swallow Belly Mangalitsa. Tim Winkler has a breeding program to restore all three

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Iberico, Serrano, Mangalica, Oh My! The 411 on Spanish Hams

Source: by Julie Schwietert Collazo | Jul 16, 2014 Jaume Guerra looks at me with a blank stare when I ask how he became interested in the world of Spanish hams. “Ham is a part of life in Spain,” he says, as if it was inevitable that he

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