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10 Reasons You Should Be Cooking With Lard

The Huffington Post
by Julie R. Thomson

In a not so distant past (about a century ago) and in a not so foreign land (like, in America), lard was the fat that people cooked with. It wasn’t butter. Nor canola oil. And definitely not extra virgin olive oil.
Lard — rendered pig fat — was what people used when they needed to make pastry; when dinner needed frying; and even as a quick breakfast, eaten smeared on a piece of bread. So much has changed in our recent history. Lard is not only out of favor, it’s even considered a derogatory wordRead More
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  1. pure lard smeared on a fresh slice of rye, or slice of any kind of European loaf bread, and then sprinkled with Hungarian paprika… was the breakfast of my Hungarian born mother along with her siblings in the 1940’s. I grew up with this in Canada, and once in a while crave that flavour combo…..takes me back to my childhood!

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