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Emerging: melocco Anna – I spent 5-6 years have been among the hams! (translated)


Why do you feel the need to create the mangalicákról movie?

Mainly because in my experience people know almost nothing about these animals. You can hear the mangalicákról more and more, but in people’s minds but rather only a vague picture loom, I wanted to do a little more clear about.

Although mangalica already Hungaricum matter, yet few házartásban lives are made ​​out of it …

No matter Hungaricum. The breed itself is not considered as Hungaricum habit, because it would be difficult to accept, say, karalábéról or rice, a product of the nation. The products themselves could be, but so far there was no demand for it. Perhaps because of the way it works, without protection. The fact that few people still used mostly in due to the fact that it is much more expensive than meat pigs. Or, as I said, people are still averse to a bit from the animal. By now we got there, no one is surprised when the butcher counter you see the word ‘mangalica’, mostly they know that this is a breed of pig blanket, did not buy because they do not understand why they are so much more expensive than the white pig. The housewives, who are accustomed to every Sunday to prepare fried meat, they will not buy the mangalica because they unduly expensive.

And why is it so expensive?

Many of the multiplier is mangalicatenyésztésnek. On the one hand there is much less of it than white pigs, a much larger reach slaughter weight is the area of ​​land or a much longer time period. They are much riskier because of keeping the animals, as many problems may require more time, and as a semi open-air living, one danger is lurking, you can not count on natural disasters, takarmáynár change, etc.

Barbara Meyer zu Altenschildesche and Anna melocco

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