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Furry Hungarian hog promises to take pork lovers to ‘pig heaven’

Source: Detroit Metro Times
Posted By Jane Slaughter on Mon, Nov 3, 2014 at 5:11 PM

Imagine lard whipped till it’s fluffy, with a sprinkle of cracklings mixed in. Then imagine a furry Hungarian pig, bred to produce more such ambrosial fat than any other porker in the world.

A motley group of Michigan breeders, restaurant people and food writers were treated last night to four courses of cuts from the famous Mangalitsa pig, at a dinner sponsored by Pure Mangalitsa [], which is promoting the porkers in the U.S. The breed dates to 1833 and according to its boosters is directly descended from wild boars — yet Mangalitsas are calmer than commercial pigs and love to be petted. They are furry and round; even the piglets have jowls, said a proud breeder.
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