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WInkler Wooly Pigs Farm in Windsor, California, with the recent arrival of Red Mangalitsa pigs from Hungary via the Netherlands, now has three distinct breeds of Mangalitsa: Red Mangalitsa, Blonde Mangalitsa, and Swallow Belly Mangalitsa. Tim Winkler has a breeding program to restore all three of these breeds that almost went extinct with the necessary genetic diversity from distinct lines for each breed of Mangalitsa pigs. Just below, the first part of this three part article tells the story of how and why Tim Winkler got into pig farming plus why he specifically selected the Mangalitsa breed. The second part of this series explores how Winkler breeds and raises his pigs on his pig farm. The third part will examine the quality of the pork from both Winkler’s and some chefs’ perspectives. And the fourth part will detail the Red Managalitsa’s journey to Winkler’s pig farm, a process that took over two years.

Mangalitsa and Mangalitsa cross breds at work in pond Contracts

Image courtesy of and permission from Winkler Wooly Pigs Farm

Tim Winkler is an aquatic ecologist. He is also a contractor and owner of Winkler Aquascapes. He does aquatic environments based around natural means of filtration that are both biologically and ecologically balanced. These are environments for many things from waste water to fish ponds to natural swimming pools people may swim in without chlorine. So a lot of what his team does is work around large bodies of water where they encounter problematic and invasive weeds that are very hard to deal with through conventional means including either excavation and or chemicals. Chemicals set the table for the next generation of weeds because chemicals add fertility to the problem while excavation creates a large carbon foot print and is very expensive. So Winkler and his teams started to look for traditional means of aquatic eradication. They needed an animal that would go into water. Pigs love water. So they started to research pigs to do sustainable grazing similar to what goats and sheep do in nearby vineyards.

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