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Pig Must Have (Translated)

Text by Nina Kaltenbrunner · Photos by Philipp Horak

Pork has a long tradition in our food culture. Although today the per capita consumption in Austria with almost 70 percent is much higher than that of beef or other meats, the pork in this country has no particularly good reputation. And mostly to right. Factory farming, Turbo breeding, fattening corn and dumping prices leave the meat of the extremely intelligent, social and sensitive animals appear in some good light. The stress is on the even-toed ungulates, not welfare, as well as poor diet and lack of exercise lead to a loss of quality of the meat. But this need not be. Because what many know, now heed a few: To keep pigs humanely, it does not take much. For several years, is characterized in terms of pig but already a new awareness from, responsible breeders as grateful gourmets rely on old races and the factor of time. The result is impressive: aromatic, tender meat, the international comparison does not itself need to be afraid.

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