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The Magic of Mangalitsa Pork


It tastes like beef and has more delicious fat than almost any other kind of pig. So why have so few American foodies tried Mangalitsa?

It was Michael Clampffer’s first trip to Europe, and for five days he ate and talked about almost nothing but pork. Clampffer—a personal chef who splits his cooking time between New York City and his boss’s weekend getaway, Mosefund Farm in New Jersey—was in Austria to talk to chefs, farmers, and butchers about cooking pork and raising hogs to get the tastiest results. But not just any hogs: These were Mangalitsas, incredibly fatty, heritage-breed pigs native to the former Austro-Hungarian Empire. Clampffer was on a crash course to learn as much as possible about cooking this unique meat so that he could go home and raise the hogs at Mosefund, then prepare them like the Austrians do. more

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