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History of Mangalitsa Film Official Trailer

History of Mangalitsa film premiered in Budapest in March. Anna Melocco and her team did a awesome job! Please watch the trailer.

Coming Soon: The Royal Mangalitsa


We are currently working on a new website for The Royal Mangalitsa. Check back soon. In the meantime, check us out on Facebook!

The Mangalitsa Connection


It was impossible to legally acquire Mangalitsa breeding stock from Hungary until 2014, when we finally reached an agreement between Pure Mangalitsa LLC & MOE, the Hungarian National Association of Mangalitsa Breeders, to that effect. But importing live pigs directly from Hungary to the U.S. is still impossible due to the lack of a formal protocol between the USDA and the Hungarian Health Authorities. Fortunately, Hungary is now part of the European Union (E.U.) and many Western European countries do have established protocols.

Thanks to social media, and Facebook in particular, I got to meet Barbara. I met her in person on a trip to Austria and Hungary in January 2014, I did not have to ask her twice about cooperating with us to establish a truly diversified and sustainable population in North America. Click here to read more.